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  • Augmenting with Mechanisms and Materials

    Interaction Design with Active Tangible Interfaces


    ACM UIST2020 (to appear)

    Mechanical Shell for Robotic Tangible UIs


    ACM TEI2020

    Docking System for Pin-based Shape Display


    ACM DIS2017

    Shape Display as a Stage for Animated Craft

    TRANSFORM as Dynamic and Adaptive Furniture

    ACM CHI2016 Video Showcase

    TRANSFORM as Adaptive and Dynamic Furniture

  • Materiality of Shape Changing UIs

    Interaction Design with Active Tangible Interfaces


    ACM TEI2019 [Honorable Mention Award]

    'Force' Shape Display for Haptic Interaction


    ACM CHI2016 [Honorable Mention Award]

    Shape Changing Interface Beyond 'Shape'

  • Line-based Shape Changing UIs

    Interaction Design with Active Tangible Interfaces


    ACM UIST2016 [YouFab Award Finalist]

    Modular and LineFORM


    ACM UIST2015 [Golden A’ Design Award ]

    Interaction with Line-based Shape Changing Interface

    Designing Line-based Shape Changing UIs

    IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, 2017

    Review and General Methodology for Shape Changing Lines

  • Tool-based Devices for Novel Experience

    Hand Tool-based Interfaces for Embodied Experience


    ACM CHI2015 - Interactivity
    [James Dyson Award - International Top20]

    Computationally Augmented Compass

    Petanko Roller

    ACM ACE2013

    [Japan Media Arts Festival - Jury Selection]

    "What if you can flatten any physical objects?"

  • Other Principal Research

    Other Research Projects led as a Principal Researcher

    Force Jacket

    ACM CHI2018

    Pneumatically-Actuated Jacket for Embodied Haptic Experiences

    TRANSFORM as...

    ACM CHI2016 Video Showcase

    [Golden Mouse Award]

    TRANSFORM as Adaptive and Dynamic Furniture


    ACM TEI2016 WIP

    Shape Changing Water Membrane for Interaction


    ACM CHI2015 Poster

    Conveying a Physical Experience using a Shape-Shifting Stick

    Needle User Interface

    ACM UIST2013 Demo

    A Sewing Interface Using Layered Conductive Fabrics

    Sonal Shooter

    ACM SIGGRAPH2011 Poster

    Auditory AR System Using Handheld Directional Speaker

  • Collaborated Research

    Research Projects contributed as an Assisting / Mentoring Role

    Venous Materials

    ACM CHI2020

    Coming Soon...


    ACM CHI2020 Case Study

    Coming Soon...


    ACM TEI2020 WIP

    Wrapping Fabrication


    ACM UIST2019

    Force Interaction Toolkit


    ACM UIST2018 Poster

    Augmenting Texture to Lolipops

    Programmable Droplets

    ACM CHI2018 Video Showcase

    [Golden Mouse Award]


    ACM SIGGRAPH2014 Poster

    Hand-knitting with Color-changing Yarn


    NICOGRAPH 2011

    Augmenting Texture to Lolipops

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