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    Ken Nakagaki

    Interaction Designer / HCI Researcher

    Ken Nakagaki (中垣 拳) is an interaction designer from Japan. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate of Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab. He is interested in developing interfaces that combine digital information or computational aids into daily physical tools and materials seamlessly, and also interested in designing human perception with such interfaces.


    Prior to joining the Media Lab, he received a Master’s degree in Media and Governance (Interaction Design) from Keio University SFC in Japan. His works have been demonstrated in various exhibitions, and also won awards in competitions such as the International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC) and the Japan Media Arts Festival.

  • Education & Career

    MIT Media Lab

    2014.9 - Current

    Master in Science of Media Arts and Science

    Tangible Media Group

    2014.9 - Current

    Master in Science of Media Arts and Science

    Disney Research Pittsburgh

    2017.5 - 2017.8

    Lab Associate (Summer Internship)

    Mentor: Dr. Alanson Sample

    Keio University (SFC)

    2013.4 - 2014.9

    Master in Media Arts and Governance (政策・メディア研究科)

    Kakehi Yasuaki Lab

    2010.4 - 2014.9

    Master in Media Arts and Governance (政策・メディア研究科)

    Bachelor of Policy Management (総合政策学部)

    Keio University, SFC

    2009.4 - 2013.3

    Bachelor of Policy Management (総合政策学部)

    Shonan Fujisawa Campus

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    pc: Mattia Balsamini (WIRED Italia)


    pc: Mattia Balsamini (WIRED Italia)

  • Profile in Japanese - 日本語紹介文

    MIT Media Lab 博士課程に在籍、Tangible Media Groupに所属。デジタル情報やコンピュータによる支援をディスプレイの中から解放し、フィジカルな道具や素材にシームレスに融合するインタフェース及び、そのようなインタフェースによる人の身体的知覚・体験のデザインに好奇心を持つ。ACM CHI、UIST、TEIなどの学会や、Ars Electronicaなどのアートフェスティバルで研究の発表・展示を行う。主な受賞に、Golden A’ Design Award(2016)、文化庁メディア芸術祭 審査委員会推薦作品(2012)、国際学生対抗バーチャルリアリティコンテスト(IVRC2011) 総合優勝など。

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