• Ken Nakagaki

    Interaction Designer / HCI Researcher @UChicago CS

  • [JOIN ME!] Launching my Lab at the U Chicago from Jan 2022!

    I will join the University of Chicago, Computer Science Department as an assistant professor from January 2022.


    I'm actively looking for students (undergrad and graduate[Master/PhD]), post-docs, and interns, who have strong passion and curiosity to co-develop a new lab - Actuated Experience Lab (*tentative name). 


    Please check my blog post to learn more about the department and my lab, and feel free to reach out to me through this form if you are interested in joining / collaborating!


    [UPDATE Dec 6, 2021] I've listed info of available positions here!

  • 'Tangible Curiosity'

    I invent and speculate in the gap between our fingertips and the physical world, with means of physical computing, robotics, and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) research.


    Driven by curiosity and tangible prototyping processes, I investigate the future of physical space and materials coupled with computation for novel physical experiences.


    ..too abstract? A more concrete research statement can be found here ;D

    (Please refer to Tangible Media Group web and Google Scholar as well.)

  • Research Summary


    Originally created for MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 Japan Award Ceremony.


    *Japanese Version: こちら

  • Selected Research

    See Full Portfolio here


    Mechanical Shell Add-ons for Robotic TUIs

    [UIST '20, Nakagaki et al]

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web

    Venous Materials

    Interactive Fluidic Mechanism

    [CHI '20, Mor et al]

    FastCo Innovation by Design Awards

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Shape Displays with Interchangeable Transducers

    [TEI '20, Nakagaki et al]

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Bi-directional 'Force' Shape Display

    [TEI '19, Nakagaki et al]

    Honorable Mention Award

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web

    Force Jacket

    Pneumatically-Actuated Jacket for Embodied Haptic Experiences

    [CHI '18, Delazio et al]

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Animated Craft on Shape Display

    [DIS '17, Nakagaki et al]

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Modular Line-based Shape Changing UIs

    [UIST '16, Nakagaki et al]

    YouFab Award - Finalist

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Representing Material Property with Shape Changing UIs

    [CHI '16, Nakagaki et al]

    Honorable Mention Award

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Line-based Shape Changing UIs

    [UIST '15, Nakagaki et al]

    Golden A' Design Award

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web


    Dynamic and Adaptive Furniture

    [CHI '15 EA, Vink et al]

    Golden Mouse Award

    PDF | ACM | Video | Web  


    Digitally Augmented Compass

    [CHI '14 Interactivity, Nakagaki et al]

    James Dyson Award - TOP20

    PDF | ACM | Video

    Petanko Roller

    Rolling Pin-based Haptic Interface

    [ACE '13, Nakagaki et al]

    Japan Media Arts Festival - Jury Selections

    PDF | Springer | Video
  • Career and Education

    View the Full CV here

    The University of Chicago

    Assistant Prof. of Computer Science Department

    Chicago, IL, USA
    Jan 2022 - 

    Director of AxLab

    MIT Media Lab

    Postdoctoral Associate

    Cambridge, MA USA

    Sep 2021 - Dec 2021

    MIT Media Lab

    M.S and Ph.D & Research Assistant

    Cambridge, MA USA

    Sep 2014 - Aug 2021

    Advisor: Prof. H. Ishii

    Disney Research Pittsburgh

    Research Associate (Intern)

    Pittsburgh, PA USA

    May - Aug 2017

    Advisor: Dr. A. Sample

    Keio University SFC

    B.A. and M.M.G

    Kanagawa, JAPAN

    Apr 2009 - Aug 2014

    Advisor: Prof. Y. Kakehi

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