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Presenting HERMITS at UIST2020

Mechanical Shells for Reconfigurable Robotic Tangible Interfaces

I'm thrilled to share my latest research project at the MIT Media Lab in Tangible Media Group, named HERMITS, presenting at #UIST2020.

Short Description:
Inspired by hermit crabs, we propose a novel interactive architecture to extend the functionality of table-top robotic tangible user interfaces (TUIs) with physical add-ons, defined as 'Mechanical Shells'. Mechanical Shells greatly allow the robotic TUIs to reconfigure and interchange the interactive functionality with embedded mechanisms.

Ken Nakagaki, Joanne Leong, Jordan L Tappa, Joao Wilbert, and Hiroshi Ishii

Project Video:

UIST2020 Paper: link

Presentation Videos:

Tangible Media Group Project Page: link

MIT Media Lab Project Page: link

UIST2020 DS Paper (Focus on High-level Concept): link

Press-kit: link (Please reach out to < ken_n at > for press inquiry!)

Special Thanks:
Dr. Alexis Andre (Sony CSL), John Vincent & Dr. Pietro Buttoro (the Ford Motor Company), Dr. Artem Dementyev (Google), Hila Mor, Zhipeng Liang, Deema Qashat, & Jack Forman (MIT Media Lab) and toio Maker community

In UIST2020

Full Paper: I present my paper in 'Session 11B: Fabrication of Reconfigurables' on October 22, Thursday 10:25-45.

Demo: I will showcase the prototypes of HERMITS in the virtual demo sessions on Thursday and Friday, so please come talk to me!

Doctoral Symposium: I also present my work in Doctoral Symposium with focus on high-level thesis level concept.

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