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Presenting HERMITS at UIST2020

Mechanical Shells for Reconfigurable Robotic Tangible Interfaces

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I'm thrilled to share my latest research project at the MIT Media Lab in Tangible Media Group, named HERMITS, presenting at #UIST2020.

Short Description:

Inspired by hermit crabs, we propose a novel interactive architecture to extend the functionality of table-top robotic tangible user interfaces (TUIs) with physical add-ons, defined as 'Mechanical Shells'. Mechanical Shells greatly allow the robotic TUIs to reconfigure and interchange the interactive functionality with embedded mechanisms.


Ken Nakagaki, Joanne Leong, Jordan L Tappa, Joao Wilbert, and Hiroshi Ishii

Project Video:

UIST2020 Paper: link

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Presentation Videos:

Tangible Media Group Project Page: link

MIT Media Lab Project Page: link

UIST2020 DS Paper (Focus on High-level Concept): link

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Press-kit: link (Please reach out to < ken_n at > for press inquiry!)

Special Thanks:

Dr. Alexis Andre (Sony CSL), John Vincent & Dr. Pietro Buttoro (the Ford Motor Company), Dr. Artem Dementyev (Google), Hila Mor, Zhipeng Liang, Deema Qashat, & Jack Forman (MIT Media Lab) and toio Maker community

In UIST2020

Full Paper: I present my paper in 'Session 11B: Fabrication of Reconfigurables' on October 22, Thursday 10:25-45.

Demo: I will showcase the prototypes of HERMITS in the virtual demo sessions on Thursday and Friday, so please come talk to me!

Doctoral Symposium: I also present my work in Doctoral Symposium with focus on high-level thesis level concept.

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